Financial Consultation

Our consultation gives you clarity and financial assistance that helps you obtain your goals. We have simple methods that work and has been proven to be efficient. We take the time to understand your needs and find a reliable solution that will accommodate you. Many people have suffered from a lack of understanding of this plague. Restoring hope and giving our clients a new start is our objective.

Public Records

Many people experiencing bankruptcy, tax lien, judgements or foreclosures. Being face with these decision and deciding  your fate can be very challenging. Rather it’s deciding your future and the out come. These things can be detrimental and change your life temporarily.  We can help you with determining a great solution that will provide comfort and reassurance.

Credit Reports

We help with obtaining your credit reports from Experian, TransUnion, and Equifax. Relieving you of the stress of determining which credit bureau to pull from. We take full responsibility in making sure this process is made simple and stress free.

Increase your score

Many people suffer from low credit scores. We understand after removing your negative items. The next step is increasing your credit score. Our plan is to establish your credit worthiness…We are able to get you approve for unsecured credit cards ,loans  or tradelines to boost your credit score. Many people also like other simple methods we share. We have secrets that we advise clients to implement and many people are enjoying a perfect credit score.