about us

We have been providing a service to all communities. Our founders have express sincerity in challenging all credit bureaus on injustice and integrity. We have discovered many people like ourselves and others have suffered from injustice. Our platform gives our clients the opportunity to be heard. We fight to liberate them from the credit bureau’s intricacy. We take pride in protecting the rights of our clients.

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Our consultation gives you clarity and financial assistance that helps you obtain your goals. We have simple methods that work and have been proven to be efficient. We take the time to understand your needs and find a reliable solution that will accommodate you. Many people have suffered from a lack of understanding of this plague. We restore hope and giving our clients a new start is our objective.


We help with obtaining credit reports from Experian, Transunion, and Equifax. Relieving you of the stress of determining which credit bureau to pull from. We take full responsibility and save you time.

Increasing Your Score

Many people suffer from low credit scores. We understand after removing your negative items. The next step is increasing your credit score. We have designed a simple plan rather it’s getting you approved for unsecured loans or adding tradelines to boost your credit score. Our clients find our method easy and simple to apply and many people are enjoying the perfect credit score.

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Provide professional advice and counseling on how to repair and maintain good credit.

STEP 1: We Check!

Our process starts with an overview of all three credit bureaus of your credit report. We take the time to show you our focus and errors that exist. Every dispute letter is customized to each disputed account. No templates! We send out actual factual dispute letters that resonate with results. We understand your concerns and value your time.

STEP 2: We Challenge!

If you are tired of “High-Interest Rates’ and looking forward to being approved with lower rates. Our services are great for you. Did you know (FCRA) protects consumer rights and information being reported to credit bureaus as accurate? Some creditors are very malign with reporting ambiguous information. We have learned to capitalize off inaccurately reported information. This results in deletion and improving your credit score.

STEP 3: See the Difference!

If you deciding on a the perfect home ,car or business. Sometimes looking for great rates can be a burden. Saving money in these times is very essential because loans and good rates are becoming hard to acquire. Having good credit helps with being approve. Many people suffer from low credit scores. Our objective is to work diligently to improve your credit score. Preparing you for your dream home and  aspirations is our goal. Certain jobs require employees to have fair credit scores. Let us help you obtain a perfect score!

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Need Credit Repair Services?

Our primary goal is to provide a service that will restore confidence. We have many clients that were powerless and lost hope. These clients can feel good about enjoying good credit!